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Neighbor Lady


The music video for Neighbor Lady's song "Oh Honey" could have easily been shot on a camcorder, and has the feel of something filched out of a cardboard box in the attic marked "Home Videos." There are shots of pets being held and carried, kids playing on the edge of a pond (they outshine the nearby drum set) and optimistic 20-somethings crammed into the front seat of a car, holding peace signs up to the camera on the other side of the windshield. Lead singer Emily Braden's careless drawl matches the mood as she croons: "I know I held my tongue for too long / then I held it again / hold it against me when I'm wrong." Poetic lines like those, from the band's debut Maybe Later (2018, Friendship Fever), set the Georgia four-piece apart from what can sometimes feel like a mass of folk and Americana, and make it a band worth watching. Catch Neighbor Lady in Boise at Neurolux on Monday, Sept. 24, when it opens for fellow indie group Gringo Star.