The Final Hours of Paul Ezra Rhoades

Prior to scheduled execution death row inmate meets with spiritual advisers and family


Sometime Wednesday, a medical team will take a needle and prick the arm of an individual inside the F Block of the Idaho Maximum Security Institute. No, it's not the premature execution of Paul Ezra Rhoades, who is scheduled to die by lethal injection on Friday morning. Instead an Idaho Department of Correction staff member will be pretending to be Rhoades as the men and women who will carry out Friday's execution go through one of the final rehearsals before Friday.

"We are going through the entire process, word-by-word, minute-by-minute,"� IDOC Director Brent Reinke told Citydesk. "We run all the way through it and debrief, and then we run through it again and debrief."�

In one of his final interviews before Friday's planned execution Reinke told Citydesk that Rhoades has had regular visits from four individuals.

"His spiritual adviser has been seeing him on a regular basis,"� said Reinke. "His attorney has been regularly meeting with him, and his mother and sister have visited him every day since last Thursday."�

On Thursday, Rhoades' personal belongings will be taken and inventoried and apart from his clothes, Rhoades will be allowed only one religious item.

"He's been spending a lot of time with the Bible and an additional book, which is scripture-based,"� said Reinke. "He's concerned about when his last visits will be from his spiritual adviser and his mother and sister. I expect that his attorney will be spending a good part of Thursday night with him."

� Rhoades' last meal will not be out of the ordinary.

"I think he was concerned about setting some kind of precedence with his last meal, so he's opted to have what the rest of the prisoner population will be eating,"� said Reinke. "We'll probably put some ice cream on the tray for him. That's a bit unusual, but we know that he likes strawberry ice cream. During the night, we'll offer him a final snack, some crackers and cheese, to help settle his stomach."�

Rhoades will also be offered a sedative a couple of times through Thursday night and early Friday.

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