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Ned Evett, Sept. 15, Record Exchange


For the past 20 years, musician Ned Evett has been working on something revolutionary. The title of his new album, Glass Guitar (Sept. 2016, self-released), not only references it but features it.

"It's not a super cheeky title," Evett said. "[Working with Peavey] I have evolved the glass-necked fretless guitar to a new point ... using a new pinning system and a slide capo that is really cool." He's known for his work on the fretless guitar, but Evett said he's a songwriter as much as a guitarist—he's also a multi-instrumentalist, playing everything except drums on the new album—and Glass Guitar exemplifies his proclivity for well-crafted songs.

With legendary musician Adrian Belew at the helm, Evett recorded Glass Guitar in two days and will spend 40 of them sharing it with fans on a U.S. tour. In the midst of this, Evett, who is also an animator, is working on a new animated series, Crystal Planet, with his longtime friend, musician Joe Satriani; and musician/animator Brendon Small, co-creator of Home Movies and Metalocalypse.