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Natural Vibrations Come from Hawaii to Boise

Wednesday, May 9, at Reef


Living in Hawaii doesn't mean a life of tropical drinks and sunbathing. But for the boys in the island-raised sextet Natural Vibrations, music has always been a way to unwind and appreciate the beauty around them.

The band features rock, pop and reggae influences from guitarist Wayne Enos and the bass lines of Jehua Evans, which combine into a style dubbed Hawaiian reggae. Billed as "Hawaii's top party and dance band," Natural Vibrations features a blend of tropical feel-good beats and lyrics of love and loss led by frontman Peni Pua'auli.

The band's latest album, Got This Music, is its first after a five-year hiatus. The single "Don't Worry," set to the tune of Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds," features a duet with Pua'auli's daughter Quela Pua'auli-Puahi, whose vocals exhibit a soulful flair that elevates the track above the jam-band paradigm. After garnering success back home, the group has now embarked on national and international tours.

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