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National Review To Gingrich: Quit

Running for president likely serves his ego more than voters' interests, the magazine says.


It is time for the bombast to end.

The National Review, a clearing house for conservative opinion, called Monday for former House of Representatives speaker Newt Gingrich to drop out of the race.

After being soundly defeated by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in the Florida primary on Jan 31, Gingrich has seen the wind knocked out of his sails, sinking in polls and failing to place at the top of the leader board in a string of Republican contests.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum now has a greater claim to a place in the nominating contest, the magazine’s editors said.

“When [Gingrich] led Santorum in the polls, he urged the Pennsylvanian to leave the race,” The National Review said in an editorial. “On his own arguments the proper course for him now is to endorse Santorum and exit.”

CNN reported that the Gingrich campaign did not immediately answer requests for comment.

Since his recent defeats, Gingrich has had a lower profile on the campaign trail.

The New York Times reported today that Gingrich was to begin three days of fundraising Monday in California during which he will largely be out of the public eye.