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National Doughnut Day in Boise: No, I Donut Mind the Line


  • Patty Bowen
For Angel Moran, National Doughnut Day began minutes after midnight on June 5. After cycling through the dark streets of downtown Boise to her shop on Capitol Boulevard, the Guru Donuts co-owner went to work with her 60-quart mixing bowl to give the day's doughnuts ample time to rise—long before the sun did. 

“First, preparation starts with baking the doughnut batter, which begins with heating the milk, putting in the shortening, getting the eggs cracked and getting the flour sifted,” Moran said. “You don’t want to start too early because you want them fresh.”

This year marks the first time Guru Donuts has celebrated National Doughnut Day. 

“There’s a national everything day. There’s a national popcorn day, peanut butter day,” Moran said. “National Doughnut Day is pretty special because of its historical context.”
  • Patty Bowen

The holiday began in 1938 when the Salvation Army decided to bring attention to the volunteers who, during the First World I, made large batches of doughnuts to send to soldiers overseas.

Moran hopes this boost in morale transfers to her customers. Since opening at its Capitol Boulevard location earlier this year, Guru Donuts has routinely sold out of its stock hours before closing time. Moran said it's an ongoing effort to streamline morning preparations in order to keep up with demand.

“Our preparation is faster, but our kitchen is definitely small,” she said. “When it’s all by human hands you have make sure it's more efficient. Hopefully in the next couple months we’ll be at lightening speed.”

Keeping the shelves stocked matters most for customers like Angie Harrison and her daughter, Ailish, who went out of their way to attend National Doughnut Day.

“We came all the way here from Meridian,” Angie said. “We passed by another doughnut shop on our way here and went to Guru Donuts instead.”

The distance to Guru Donuts is worth it to Angie and Ailish.

“I really like the creative flavors,” Angie said. “Our older daughter just graduated from law school a couple weeks ago and we had a big party. Our dessert was just towers of Guru Donuts.”