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Nampa Police Get it Wrong, Then Get it Right


More trouble for the overworked, underappreciated cops laboring to keep a handle on Canyon County's rampant criminal underworld-although, truth be told, this one was the fuzz's fault. (And you'd better believe the AP picked it up). A Nampa Police officer, looking to serve a search warrant in a north-side duplex last Friday, chose the wrong half of the duplex to throw a "Flashbang" grenade into. Inside the nefarious den of innocence were 62-year-old Vietnam Veteran John Simpson and his wife, who were quite understandably alarmed by the device, known to emit bright lights and make a racket over 160 decibels. Simpson, thinking he was under attack, picked up the nearest deadly weapon-a vacuum hose-and ran outside to find a bevy of cops pointing guns at him. The department has decided, appropriately, to fix the Simpson's broken window and pay for any other damages, which could include counseling. "I'm not nuts or anything," Simpson told the Idaho Press-Tribune, "but I'm still shaking."

Meanwhile, across town on the same night, Nampa police succeeded in safely detonating a small arsenal of pipe bombs created by a live-at-home 25-year-old. The boy's father found the bombs in his son's bedroom and moved them to the backyard before calling police, who found it impossible to fit their bomb squad robot into the yard (quite a versatile contraption, that android). Sans-borg, the officers manually removed the three bombs and exploded them, discovering shards of shrapnel inside one pipe. icers are still searching for young Roy Lee Graham, who is believed to be piping around town in his primer-gray GMC short-box pickup.