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Nampa Art Collective: Second Annual Doodlepalooza

Friday, Aug. 14


Sometimes haste makes waste; other times, it makes art. Witness the latter Friday, Aug. 14, when the Nampa Art Collective presents the second annual Doodlepalooza, in which six local artists will demonstrate that it doesn't always take a lifetime to make a masterpiece. The speed-drawing event will take place on the patio of PreFunk Beer Bar in Nampa and consist of several timed rounds during which artists will create works based on audience prompts.

Finished pieces, priced from $5-$15, will be available for sale on a first come, first served basis. All proceeds benefit the artists: Hector Diaz, Dig Reeder, Lisa Roggenbuck, Jamus Leon Franks II, Tony Rios and Jason OBrian Darrah.