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What's in a name? Answer: Hours of entertainment if you're perusing

NOTY was launched in 1983 on an undisclosed "Ivy League campus" with a mission "to discover, verify, nominate, elect and disseminate great names."

Organized in bracket-style, with nominees progressing through a series of name-to-name contests until a winner is declared, NOTY features more than a little rumination on the nature of the entries and color commentary on the progression of the competition—all presented without malice.

Some highlights from past years' winners include: Godfrey Sithole (1985), Doby Chrotchtangle ('91), Tokyo Sexwale (2001), Vanilla Dong ('07) and Idaho's own Amanda Miranda Panda ('15).

Meanwhile, in May, Pope McCorkle III bested Sweet Orefice, snagging 2016 Name of the Year honors.

Called the "Best March Madness Time Waster" by ESPN and "One of the greatest websites in the world" by the Washington Post, between entries like Taco B.M. Monster and Assumption Bulltron, you'll end up wishing your parents had been a little more creative with your own moniker.