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Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People, July 25, Egyptian Theatre

The band loves bears


From clans that relied on bear meat for sustenance and bear fur for protection, to Wall Street's use of the great Ursidae to describe a market in decline, bears have long held literal and symbolic significance. In dreams, the bear is thought to represent stoicism, introspection, power, strength. It is also a symbol of comfort and joy--teddy bears are, historically, one of the most common and familiar children's toys. Oregon native Nahko Bear, who is of Apache, Puerto Rican and Filipino descent, exudes all of the qualities associated with the great animal whose name he carries. With Medicine for the People, Bear performs world music described as "Earth-based, native-based and spirit-inspired," and he is a man on a musical mission to start a movement: "motivation and inspiration ... to spread awareness and take action to make the Changes we know are healthy for all Earthlings and Mother Gaia herself."

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