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MythBusters: Behind the Myths Tour

Tuesday, Nov. 26


In late 2011, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman--hosts of the television show MythBusters--were performing an experiment at the Alameda County Sheriff's Office bomb range involving a cannon and some water tanks. When they fired the cannon, the cannon ball--a hunk of metal somewhere between softball- and grapefruit-sized--missed the water tanks and careened through a nearby residential neighborhood. There were no injuries, but several homes, a sidewalk and an unsuspecting minivan sustained battle damage.

Then, Savage and Hyneman took their show on the road. They'll shoot into Boise Tuesday, Nov. 26, to perform at The Morrison Center as part of their MythBusters: Behind the Myths Tour. There, they'll execute on-stage experiments, bring audience members onstage for science and engineering demos, show videos of some of the exploits seen on their Emmy-nominated Discovery Channel TV series and tell some behind-the-scenes stories about their adventures.

MythBusters fans will have a chance to ask these outrageous engineering experts the questions that have rankled them about their favorite episodes. Why would the explosion of a million match-head bomb take as long as a 30,000 match-head bomb? What's with Jamie Hyneman's silly beret? In the show's 10-year run, it has become famous for its disclaimers advising viewers not to attempt their experiments at home and for its ambitious attempts at verifying household myths. This week, Boise has a chance to warm its hands by the MythBusters fire--just be careful you don't get burned.