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Mystic Braves

Thursday, Oct. 11, Neurolux


The streak of vintage-inspired bands coming to Boise continues with the arrival of the Mystic Braves at Neurolux on Thursday, Oct. 11. On its most recent album, The Great Unknown (2018, Lolipop Records), songs vibrating with nasal resonance speak about love, heartache and a pervading restlessness driven by adventure in lyrics like "Got another destination / Only for the new sensations / Caught up in the place that I once knew," from the title track. Most notably, Mystic Braves consistently presents intricate guitar solos reminiscent of old-school greats like The Beatles and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Mystic Braves is still a fairly new name, having released its debut album in 2012, but in a way, that fresh perspective works to its advantage. Listeners should prepare to be reminded of what made the music of the '60s so inspiring in the first place.

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