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Mystery Surrounds Suicide of Top Gun Director Tony Scott

Family denies he had brain cancer


Mystery surrounds why Tony Scott committed suicide after his family has denied reports he had cancer.

"The family told us it is incorrect that he has inoperable brain cancer," said Craig Harvey, a chief for the coroner's office, in the Los Angeles Times.

According to Fox News, the British-born director's wife reportedly told investigators rumors of her husband having brain cancer are "absolutely false". She said Scott did not have any other severe medical issues that would have caused him to take his own life.

But The Evening Standard said it leaves the possibility that the director of films including Crimson Tide and Beverly Hills Cop II could have kept his illness from his wife, Donna, and 12-year-old twin sons.

The newspaper said an autopsy was performed, but coroner's officials say it will be a month or more before they determine an official cause of death.

Investigators found a note in Scott's black Toyota Prius, which was parked on the bridge, according to numerous media reports.

The note listed contacts to be informed of his death. A suicide note was later found at his office.

The "Top Gun" director jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge on Sunday.

Adding to the grief of the family are reports that the tragedy was captured on camera and the footage is being "shopped around" for potential media buyers, TMZ reported.

TMZ, who has seen the film but refused an offer to purchase it, said it showed Scott crouched the moment he began to jump.

His brother Ridley, director of Alien and Gladiator, arrived in Los Angeles from London last night, as tributes poured in for his brother.

Tom Cruise described Scott as a "creative visionary whose mark on film is immeasurable".

Actor Denzel Washington, who appeared in several of Scott's films, including Man On Fire. wrote: “Tony Scott was a great director, a genuine friend, and it is unfathomable to think that he is now gone. He had a tremendous passion for life and for the art of film-making and was able to share this passion with all of us through his cinematic brilliance.”