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Celebrate an anniversary


This week I stray from my normal format to celebrate a milestone for me and "Minerva's Breakdown." On May 13, 2016, I hit my one-year anniversary of writing this advice column for the Boise Weekly. I waited until now, a month later, to write this because June is Pride month. I did that because I have found a great deal of pride in writing this column. When I endeavored to begin "Minerva's Breakdown," I was so excited because I had always wanted a platform to share opinions in a fun way while helping others. This column brings me so much professional pride that I am sometimes overwhelmed with joy that I get to do this. When I address issues that are off-color or just colorful, incredibly intimate or tragically sad, I know that I am doing my best to be a supportive person to others in my community. I can't believe that this opinionated blonde bombshell from little ol' Emmett, Idaho has this opportunity. I am so proud that I get to do this and so humbled that I have been given the chance.

So to all of my readers, THANK YOU for letting me come into your lives each week. I renew my pledge to you to always take your questions and topics seriously while adding a dash of humor, and answer every one of them with integrity, respect and in a well-informed manner. It is a pleasure and honor to have your trust and your readership.

Love and Kisses,

—Minerva Jayne