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My Brightest Diamond: A Thousand Shark's Teeth


Shara Worden has displayed immense talent as a vocalist, and A Thousand Shark's Teeth, her sophomore album as My Brightest Diamond, is no exception. Worden's nuanced, Bjork-esque voice moves effortlessly between delicacy and command from track to track. She could easily live in the worlds of opera or jazz, yet she inhabits the land of indie music. A Thousand Shark's Teeth exhibits great variety in its sound as a whole. To Worden's credit, the arrangement of each track is deliciously different from the next; however, this sometimes makes the album feel unfocused. "Inside A Boy," the opening track, jumps clumsily from epic to ethereal. Its lack of committed direction is rather bothersome. It is followed by the beautiful, but desperate, "Ice & Storm," and the liquidy ballad, "If I Were Queen," in which Worden's voice shines powerfully. The remainder of the album exhibits moments of mastery and disappointment. The richness of Worden's voice is undeniable, but she seems to get stuck in the sliding rise and fall of a mostly dramatic sound. The flashes in which Worden explores the range of her voice—from the heartbreakingly fragile to the throaty and jazz worthy—are what make A Thousand Shark's Teeth worth a listen or two.