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The New York Times' dining section recently featured a neato gadget that caught our attention: a silicon turkey timer with tiny drumstick legs that pop up when the bird is done. As it turns out, a ton of other poultry fanatics thought the contraption, made by designers Kikkerland, was cool. It is now completely out of stock at the website listed in the Grey Lady,

But after perusing the design-friendly, inspired by Superman villain Mr. Mxyzptlk, we came across some even more awesome thingamajigs.

One is a set of white plastic Russian matryoshka-doll dry measuring cups. Six dolls fit adorably inside of each other and their bases each measure from one-quarter cup to 1 cup.

Another is the Hopside Down beer glass, which features a hand-blown half-beer bottle shape submerged upside down in a pint glass.

Mxyplyzyk, which originally opened as a storefront in Greenwich Village in 1992, now offers its "quirky mix of well-designed but affordable items" on its online store, which is divided into living wares, office, furniture and lighting, kids and pets, bath, odds and ends, and body wares.