The High Road from Ola

A bald-headed day

Tongue of sky dark

Licks the wind that roughs

The western horizon black

The head of the grosbeak

And scolds of Bullock's orioles

Arrow leafed balsamroot

Stabs the noon-day light

Devoured by the vast tyranny of yellow

Lupine at attention in the spring green

Purple white and lemon-huffs

And the hills hasten to the mountains

And the penstemon's lips succulent

Buds of bee-ing hums

And the devastation of beetles' bark

Rendered to woodsman's refuse

And Ponderosa chips that feed

The three great truths of spring

Trillium trillium trillium

Cinclus Mexicanus

After Jyl Hoyt

Blink white eyelids and dive water ouzel

O seer of all things submerged

American dipper fresh water submarine

Fly beneath the riffs and ripples

O ship of subsurface state

Fly beneath the surface roiled your grey wings

Wily in search of larval tailed frogs

Stone fly caddis flies

Salmon eggs

Caddis fly stone flies

Hop and dip from stone to stone water ouzel

Bob your tail as you walk on the bottom

Biplane against the jet stream

You magnifique of physics

Starship battling the solar wind

Eponym of Irish ship and poems

English rivers

Old world black birds extinct and living

O Water ouzel

American dipper

Larval tailed frog

Stone fly caddis fly

Salmon egg

Caddis fly stone fly