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My name is Amy Atkins and as the new music editor here at Boise Weekly, my job is to make sure we cover music and that we cover it right, always maintaining our passion for the local music scene. Here's where you come in ... we want bands to go online and enter bios, mp3s, photos and information in our online Band Roster. We want a heads-up when there's a show, band or musician we should review. There's more. We need show and CD reviews. Come see us at the swank BW digs and pick up a CD. Give it listen and then write 200-300 words on how brilliant or bad it is. If we use it, we'll pay you $10. Or, go to a show. Write 200-300 words about how great or gruesome the music was. If we use it, you guessed it, we'll pay you $10. If you are a musician, know a musician or have ever heard a musician play, we need your feedback, ideas, suggestions and reviews. Call 344-2055, ext. 3006, or send an e-mail to

In the world of music news, someone else needs your help, too. The Boise Community Radio Project (BCRP) is getting ready to start broadcasting from their Web site, or "webcasting." According to their press release, "The web-based programs will act as a bridge to BCRP's eventual on-air radio broadcast, expected in 2006. Webcasting will give the station the opportunity to find its voice and the community a chance to get more involved, in advance of going live on the air. BCRP's potential audience is the largest population in the country not presently being served by a non-commercial, community-based, independent radio station." Here's the exciting part, though: Looks like the C in BCRP really does stand for community ... "BCRP is still seeking programming proposals from prospective DJs. Local non-profit organizations and government agencies are encouraged to utilize the webcast service for public service announcements and other notices about community activities." They will start training DJs in the middle of June making sure they understand the BCRP wants to present "a locally-grown approach to musical programming" that will "make up roughly 75 percent of their weekly schedule. News programs will consist of daily editions of Democracy Now! and Free Speech Radio News. BCRP will also serve as a community-wide bulletin board for issues-oriented information and a performance platform for the creative skills of local musicians, verbal artists and youth." BCRP also plans to play a big part in important local issues like "freedom of speech, environmental heath, social welfare, cultural identity, women's issues, public health, disability awareness and public governance. By giving the community a public voice, BCRP will reincorporate citizen advocacy and community interest into the discussion and solution of local issues." Visit their Web site at more information.

-Amy Atkins