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Music From Stanley on the airwaves


All summer long, the Music from Stanley concert series has been entertaining all of Boise’s local music fans at the Redfish Lodge by Stanley Lake against the stunning backdrop of the Sawtooth Mountains.

Folks from across the state come together in a melting pot of music fans. They come for what the concert series has to offer: some of the best homegrown musicians and a few borrowed from neighboring states to spread the love. That and the breathtaking location afforded by the lodge. The lodge and Music From Stanley have been in cahoots for what will be their fifth year.

Local favorites like Rebecca Scott, Ned Evett and Thomas Paul, and some trucked-in talent like Josh Ritter and Carrie Rodriguez have turned Music from Stanley into one of the most anticipated annual summer concert series around—and tapping local boy Jeremiah James to emcee the event hasn't hurt one bit.

And while the summer months have waned, and we’ve returned to shortened days and colder weather, the music from the Redfish gatherings didn't sail out across the lake, unheard by those unable to attend. On the contrary, the show is actually a two-part affair. The performances are all recorded and, once things wrap up on the live side, the audio is segmented into the 30-minute highlights that are then aired on NPR affiliates around the state, bringing the music into your living room—or car, or office, or kitchen, or backyard ...

Starting Saturday, Sept. 19, radio stations throughout Idaho, including 90.3 FM in Boise, will begin airing two half-hour recaps every Friday or Saturday through December.

The full list of shows, dates and stations as well as video, photos, downloads, merchandise and streaming audio is all available at

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