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Musher's Secret



This winter has already proven to be one of the most severe on record—and it has been particularly tough on pets. We have discovered something that can help, though: Musher's Secret.

Invented in the early 1990s for sled dogs trekking through the frigid Northwest Territories of Canada, Musher's Secret is a salve made of 100 percent natural waxes and Vitamin E. It creates a barrier to protect pooches' paws from harsh conditions—especially the de-icing chemicals and salt used on sidewalks and roads.

The real secret is Musher's isn't just for wintertime use. In the summer, scorching sidewalks can be equally tough on pets' pads, and Musher's can help prevent drying and painful cracking. Rather than wait to slather it on before you let the dogs out, rub on a thin layer of Musher's daily, using the natural heat from your hand to soak it in.

Now that's unconditional love.


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