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Muse News Festival Benefit, May 10, Muse Studios


Every time you turn around, someone is asking you to donate some of your hard-earned cash for a cause, and the decision on who gets what can be a tough one to make. People putting on a benefit are surely aware of that and often up the ante by adding entertainment to bring you in. But sometimes, they add a little something else that though random, may draw you in all the same. Such is the case with the Muse News Festival benefit. Hint: This is an election year.

The Muse News Festival is part of what organizers are calling Under The Grid, "a city-wide celebration of the arts." A call went out to aspiring filmmakers to capture—in nine minutes or less—"the voice and vision of the people." The deadline to enter the festival is July 19, 2008 and the winning videos will be screened then, but a night of music to help fund the cash prizes that will be awarded to the winning would-be movie moguls is right around the corner. For an Abe Lincoln, you can listen to the hip sounds of How's Your Family, Tim Andreae, Travis Ward, Nollifur and The Donna Vultures at the stylish Muse Building. And while you're there, moving and grooving, you can also register to vote. That's right. As you're being lulled into a state of bliss with a range of electronica, pop and indie rock, you can take the first step on the path of doing your part for democracy.

May 10, 7:30 p.m., $5. Muse Studios, 1317 W. Jefferson St. For more information, visit For information on voter registration, visit