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Munnys at RX, Royal Queens and Kings at Neurolux


The 32nd Reign of the Imperial Sovereign Gem Court of Idaho invites all sparkling diamond empresses and sapphire phoenix emperors to Neurolux on Friday, Dec. 18, from 9-11 p.m. for a night of dragtacular revelry.

If that previous sentence sounded like unicorn Latin to you, then it's time to acquaint yourself with the ISGCI, a 30-year-old local nonprofit organization that raises funds to support various individuals in need, like HIV patients and LGBT college students. Each year, the court, as it's called, crowns members with a range of titles like emperor and empress, crown princess, imperial czar and czarina, grand duke and duchess, imperial sultana, marquessa, and gentleman and lady in waiting.

Friday's 8 Crazy Nights throwdown at Neurolux, hosted by His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, The Effervescent Blue Diamond, Emperor XXXII of all Idaho The Surreal JD Manhattan Starr St. James Morgan is sure to feature a blinding amount of sparkling bling and more 48 double D's than a Lane Bryant catalog.

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Speaking of spectacularly tricked-out things, Record Exchange unveiled its art-covered Munnys last First Thursday, and the bidding will continue until Monday, Dec. 21. For the uninitiated, Munnys are Kidrobot vinyl toys that local artists use as blank canvases to create custom designs, which are then auctioned off for charity. This year's beneficiary is Interfaith Sanctuary Housing Services. Artists who submitted Munnys this year include Sean Wyett, Shelly McCarl, Chris and Peggy Parker, Grant Olsen, Eric Bunnell, Erik Payne, E.J. Pettinger, Toby Robin, Renda Palmer, Noble Hardesty, Jerms Lanningham, Eli and Lisa Pisano, Cate Brigden, John Padlo, Erin Cunningham, Julia Green, Tony Rios, Heather Bauer and Cody Evans. To spend your money on a Munny, head down to Record Exchange 1105 W. Idaho St. or bid on them at Curtis Stigers' Xtreme Holiday Xtravaganza on Sunday, Dec. 20, at the Egyptian Theatre.

Speaking of raising munny for a good cause, local large-scale portrait artist Laci McCrea is auctioning off five of her pieces at Tully's Coffee on Capitol Boulevard and Idaho Street. McCrea will donate 100 percent of the profits raised in the silent auction to local charities--50 percent to the Women's and Children's Alliance and 50 percent to the Children's Home Society. Bids will be accepted until Thursday, Dec. 17, at 5 p.m. Visit