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Municipal Waste: The Art Of Partying


Oscar Wilde must have been smoked out of his dome on dead flowers when he concluded his preface in The Picture Of Dorian Gray with the grave declaration that "All art is quite useless." Now I don't profess to know Municipal Waste's literary background of the aesthetic movement of the 19th century but I surmise they would beg to differ because these waistoids just kill it. Whilst chopping through the meat of my fourth straight listen of The Art Of Partying (Or was it the fifth? Sixth? I'm still shredding it now as I put this to paper) I may have cut the image to those whose vision hadn't quite doubled as some crazed scarecrow deep but, alas, I was as dead sober. And that's behavior that these five thrashletes certainly don't advocate. The real art mastered here is virtually perfect thrash. This is the band and record we old-schoolers have waited for. There are no soaring vocals, nor is there much originality either but who cares? A flawless Zeuss production reigns over 16 ragers like the opener "Headbanger Face Rip." Toward the closing of "Born to Party," exists one of the sickest breakdowns I've ever heard. If you're just discovering this style of metal then know your roots and check out some lesser-known bands that started and perfected it: Overkill, Vio-Lence and Nuclear Assault are mandatory.