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Muffalo's Seven Years of Travel About to Culminate

Wednesday, March 9, VAC


Pop quiz: What band has been together seven years, features former members of Queens of the Stone Age and The Eagles of Death Metal, had their self-titled debut album produced by Butthole Surfers' Paul Leary and will be the only Boise-based band showcasing at SXSW this year?

Answer: Muffalo. Why haven't you heard of them? Because their first show ever is on Wednesday, March 9. They've spent their time flying between Oregon, Boise and Los Angeles, working on the gritty alt-rock tunes that comprise their debut. But the chemistry between members Dean Gunderson, Derek Myers and Gene Trautmann nullified the inconvenience.

"So many bands put out an album and break up two years later. This is better, more mature," says Myers, Muffalo guitarist and music director of the Eagle-based School of Rock.

Muffalo will play six shows en route to SXSW--and turn Muffalo into a real working band along the way.