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This may be the first in a new continuing series, depending on how often I run across an item of interest as scummy as what I am about to tell you. However, I doubt I will ever come across another one quite this scummy. It is so scummy, in fact, I regret that the strongest word I can find to describe it is "scummy." "Contemptible," "sordid" and "disgraceful" do indeed describe Mr. Wolfgang Halbig, the leading perpetrator of this outrage, but neither individually nor combined do they capture the totality of this scumbag's villainy.

Nor is it satisfying to use even the worst of the blue epithets made available for men like him. Without doubt, he is a turd, a bastard, a prick and a motherfucker. He is garbage, a devil, a low-life and a black-hearted son-of-a-bitch. Sill, I haven't come even close to expressing how repulsive, how abominable, how loathsome he is. I'd like to think there are words in languages more ancient than English for men like Wolfgang Halbig.

This walking excrement with a website came to my attention last weekend in an article dealing with one of the more disturbing aspects of the aftermath of the shooting three years ago at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Halbig is only one of the many who continue to make the claim that the mass murder of 20 first-graders and six adults was staged, but he may be the most visible, largely because the father of one of the victims has made it his mission to confront the diseased pimp and make him retract his lies.

All of the Sandy Hook parents have been accused of being actors paid by the government to parade fake grief over children who never existed, and that precisely is what has so enraged Lenny Pozner that he's taken on the accusers. As he explains it: “I know that the more garbage that is out there, the more it ages over time, the more the myth becomes accepted as a disgusting historical fact that tries to dismiss the existence of my child... I mean, damn it, his life had value. He existed. He was real. How dare they.”

The child whose existence Pozner is fighting to defend is his son, Noah, who, were he alive today, would be 9 years old. Noah was shot 11 times during Adam Lanza's spree. Not that there was any of the other 19 children killed that horrid morning who weren't photogenic, but Noah stood out. I remember thinking at the time what a beautiful and sweet kid he looked to be.

The governor of Connecticut, Dannel Malloy, attended Noah's funeral and wept openly at the casket. At the Pozners' insistence, the casket was open, in spite of the cloth they put over the lower half of Noah's face to cover the ghastly absence of his jaw. Lenny and Veronique Pozner reasoned—correctly, I'm convinced—that Americans should witness what happens to innocent human flesh during these atrocities.

Even such a public display of mourning did not deter the scummy dregs who dare call themselves "truthers." They say the parents didn't act as sad as they should have had Sandy Hook really happened—as though these monsters would know anything about human love, loss and grief.

Halbig insists there was never a Noah Pozner, or any other dead children or teachers—that they were nothing more than fictional characters in a fictional tragedy, fabricated by agents of the Obama administration preparing for draconian restrictions on guns. To counter the lie, Lenny produced a birth certificate, a death certificate, a medical examiner's findings and one of Noah's school report cards—there couldn't have been many to choose from; how many report cards can a first grader have accumulated? Still, the detestable community of online vermin immediately, en masse like rats, called the proofs counterfeit.

Above all, Lenny Pozner has posted photo after photo of his beautiful, sweet son, but the despicable Halbig responded that the only proof he would accept of Noah's existence would be the body itself—exhumed from the grave and re-examined for clues to a mystery only Halbig and his allies would consider a mystery.

A year and a half ago, Lenny even tried to reach out to Halbig in person, to hand him the paper trail of Noah's life in tangible form, face to face. But the swine wouldn't even answer except through another party. Along with everything else this scum has proved himself to be, he is a coward.

Of all the mass shooting tragedies that have, and will, curse our land, I believe this most adamantly about the Sandy Hook event: It fundamentally, and perhaps permanently, altered how we as American citizens think of ourselves. It has had such an impact not because something changed in the wake of the shooting, but because nothing changed in the wake of the shooting. With the shattered lives of 26 families, we learned that as a nation, we aren't nearly as strong as we thought we were, nor nearly as moral. We learned that life is not as sacred as we professed to think it was prior to the murders in Newtown, Conn., nor can we seriously believe anymore the tired old platitude about the children being our future.

To the contrary: In the time since Sandy Hook, we have learned that the availability of guns is more sacred than life, that mindless violence is our future—fuck the children—and that this nation has neither the strength nor the morality to do anything about it. We have learned that evil has more political clout in America than good, and we have learned that if our nation is indeed "exceptional," it is exceptional only as the dumping ground for some of the most vile, cruel and soulless human beings imaginable.

Still, when decent people hear about scum like Halbig and the scummy things he is doing, we have to wonder why. What on earth would inspire a man to commit such moral blasphemy as to bedevil people like Veronique and Lenny Pozner, who have already lost more than most people could endure to lose?

What else? With every entry of spurious filth attacking the integrity of Lenny Pozner and the memory of Noah, Halbig solicits more donations from the mindless dreck who would listen to him. He's doing it for the money.

I'm certain the largest share of "truthers"—they have risen on the Internet like toadstools in a sewer to claim virtually every mass shooting since Columbine was faked—have no financial vested interest in their diseased behavior. I'm certain the largest share of them do it simply because they enjoy being vile and cruel—because they are bullies with hardly more soul, or brains, than a crocodile. I am certain the largest share do it because they have always done it, that they have been with us all along—lumpen crud who pass for people until the cloak of anonymity allows them to unleash their inherent bestiality without being caught.

Not so with Halbig. He's doing it for the money. Bottom-feeding off the bottom of the bottom. I just don't know how we can let anyone like this scummy shit continue what he's doing to Lenny Pozner, his wife and all the other bereaved in Newtown, and still say we believe in justice.