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Mr. Cope's Cave: Stupid, Mean-Spirited, Malignant Things Gun Nuts Do


Among other malignant things gun nuts did this week, George Zimmerman re-Tweeted a picture of the body of Trayvon Martin, laying in the grass the way he left him.

We all certainly remember George Zimmerman. He's the sack of lardy shit and malice that made a name for himself more than three years ago by stalking and harassing a 14-year-old black kid who was passing through his neighborhood, then using a gun to kill the kid when he fought back.

The kid was Trayvon Martin, whose family pushed for weeks to get the sack of shit tried for what to the decent people of America was an obvious act of murder. The sack of shit was acquitted, pleading his innocence under the "Stand Your Ground" law, that misbegotten justification for killing any black person you think might be a threat to you. (If you doubt the Stand Your Ground laws were enacted for the advantage of whites, just imagine what any black man would face were the roles reversed.)

Since Trayvon's murder, the sack of shit who killed him has been in one encounter with the law after another. He seems to have a particular problem getting along with women, having been accused by two of threatening them with guns. The charges were dropped when both women—one an ex-wife, the other an ex-girlfriend—withdrew their complaints. Given Zimmerman's penchant for violence and guns, I strongly doubt it was because he was innocent.

In August, the sack of shit teamed up with another sack of shit—a gun store owner who has made himself a name by declaring his store a "Muslim-free zone"—when the shop owner began promoting prints of a painting done by Zimmerman of a Confederate flag. That's what the murderer of Trayvon Martin has been up to lately: doing juvenile paintings that would be an embarrassment in a high-school art class, and selling them for rather large amounts of money.

Who would pay large amounts of money—one painting sold for more than $100,000—for artwork so puerile and cheesy?

Fans of George Zimmerman, that's who. People to whom the sack of lardy shit and malice is a hero. A man to be admired. A man they perhaps wish they could emulate.

Why have they chosen this Zimmerman sack of shit—out of all the other sacks of shit who abuse women and strut around with a gun in their pants pretending they are brave for doing it—to treat as a hero, admire and emulate? After all, it's not like there's a shortage of the sort.

He killed a black kid and got away with it, that's why. That is the only reason we know the name of George Zimmerman.

In a more civilized atmosphere, Zimmerman would be shunned, ignored, forgotten, by decent people. But he won't let that happen. He has a following, a fan base of other sacks of shit who think it's acceptable to murder black kids, so he continues to grab at our attentions and defile our country.

He knows what he is doing, and he is doing it for a reason. There is no other explanation that a sack of shit, one even as vile as Zimmerman, would taunt his victim's family, would display his vileness so brazenly by re-Tweeting a picture of Trayvon's corpse, complete with the bullet hole he put in the boy's chest. He did it for his fans. The sort who would pay $100,000 for a piece of crap painting. He's promoting himself. Reminding the stupid, mean-spirited, malignant gun nuts why they admire him.

He won't let us forget him, ignore him—and I suspect we haven't yet seen the full scope of how atrocious and vile he can be—so I think it's fitting to point out something that hasn't been discussed much: the unarguable reality that three years ago, Zimmerman, a lardy man of 29 at the time, was getting his ass creamed by a skinny 14-year-old boy. He picked a fight he couldn't win, not without a gun. That's why he had the gun.

As much as Zimmerman would have us believe what a stud he is—along with the picture of Trayvon's body was the caption "Z-man is a one-man army"—the truth of the matter is he's a weakling. A soft, stupid, malignant coward whose only strength comes from his guns.

He is the perfect spokesman for his own crowd.