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Mr. Cope's Cave: Incredibly Stupid Gun Nut Legislation That Incredibly Stupid Gun Nuts Just Passed


Listen up, all you meth heads, wife beaters, ex-cons, future cons, emotionally unstable time-bombs just waiting to go off, mentally unstable time-bombs just waiting to go off, cop haters, authority figure haters, coworker haters, employer-who-just-fired-you haters, professor-who-just-flunked-you haters, girlfriend-who-just-dumped-you haters, bouncer-who-just-threw-you-out-of-the-bar haters, macho pricks who ain't taking no shit off nobody, gangbangers, morons who want to act like gangbangers, outlaw bikers, outlaws, delusional dunces who picture yourselves as whoever the tough guy was in the last movie you saw, secret racists who dream of offing some ethnic in a "Stand Your Ground" incident, secret wimps who dream of offing someone who's bullied them, bullies who want to take it to the next level, mouthy punks who need some high-caliber muscle to back up their mouth, infantile man-boys who will go through their entire lives needing to prove something, weak-minded feebs and feeble-minded weaklings, ignorant hicks too stupid to not swallow the NRA's bullshit that more guns stop gun violence... Dudes! Your day has come! You can cinch up that shoulder holster you've been afraid to put on all this time because in any sane society, there is no way in hell a dope like you could have gotten a permit for concealed carry. You don't have to worry about that AN! Y! MORE!!! The Idaho Legislature, together with an equally-ideologically-twisted governor, have ordained that your right to have a hidden lethal weapon in your pants any time you leave the house takes precedent over your neighbor's right to not get shot by a gun nut dick like you.

April Fools... I wish.