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Mr. Cope's Cave: Carpe THIS Diem!


I have seen only 18 days like this in my entire life.

Said another way: Including the day I was born, today makes the 24,983th I've been around. And out of all those days, only 18 of them have been like today.

If you still aren't impressed, let me try this: I have been through 68 birthdays, 69 Christmases and New Years, and 3,569 Mondays... but only 18 Leap Days.

Now I ask you, why aren't we doing something special today?

Seriously, what the hell's a day gotta do to get some attention around here?

But!... answer the traditionalists, those staid and starchy establishmentarians, those status quodidyites who resist anything that would make festivity an end unto itself... we make a big deal out of certain days because of what happened on those days, don't you see, Mr. Cope? We make a day special to monumentalize a movement or a memory. We do not celebrate a day for no more reason than it's a day, for Heavens' sake!

So that's it, I suppose. Since nothing of particular significance happened on a Feb. 29, there is nothing to celebrate. No great wars started or ended on Feb. 29... no great presidents or baby gods or significant countries were born this day... no resurrections or remarkable religious rituals to remember it by... so we just let it pass like it's nothing more than a... than a... a regular! Old! Day!

But!... I doth protest... isn't it obvious that nothing of significance happened on a Feb. 29 because they are so damn scarce!? An earth-shaking moment's chances of happening on Leap Day are four times less than they are for any other day, so we shouldn't be surprised that there are very few... if any... significant events that took place on a Feb. 29? Huh?

No, dammit! I hold that Leap Day should be celebrated precisely for its rarity. For its elusiveness. For its exceptionalism. Hell, everything else happens every damn year. Way too often, if you ask me. Take Christmas! About the time you recover from the last one, it starts all over again.

But Leap Day, now. That's special. An extra day!... what more could you want? It's like, what's the best thing you could ever get for Christmas?... a whole extra day! And it's so unique, so rare, so singular, we can only afford one every four years!

And what do we do with it when we get it?



We should be ashamed, I tell you. Ashamed!

Oh well, maybe by next Leap Day, we'll pull our heads out of our cultural ass, do what's right and get some pizzazz into this most magical, miraculous of days.

But we have four years to think about it, so no hurry.


OK, now that I have that off my chest, let's listen to some music. I heard this last week for the first time and fell in love immediately.