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Treefort Music Festival Announced in Boise

Boise Bands and Bieber's Balls


Last week, we told you about an all-Boise showcase at SXSW. This week, we get to tell you about equally exciting plans for the week after SXSW.

After staging a SXSW mini-fest last year at Visual Arts Collective, Finn Riggins keyboardist Eric Gilbert decided to go all the way and stage a macrofest: the Treefort Music Festival.

Treefort will be a multi-day, multi-venue festival in Boise, held the weekend after SXSW to catch bands on their way home from Austin. Expect BW to keep you posted as acts, venues and sponsors are confirmed. Until then, you'll just have to get by with some juicy celeb gossip.

A few weeks back, a paternity suit was filed against Justin Bieber (17), alleging that after a backstage encounter, he fathered the spawn of one Mariah Yeater, aged too old for him (20). J-Bizzle denied the charges, saying that he'd never even met the woman, and that he always goes immediately to his car after performances, leaving no time for groupie-groping.

Well it looks like the good name of Mr. Biebs is once again squeaky clean, because Yeater's lawyers dropped the suit (possibly because Bieber's balls haven't?). According to US Magazine, Bieber has agreed to take a paternity test regardless.

Bieber's opposite--in both sonic and facial hair preferences--is Boise's own Brett Netson. The Built to Spill bassist guitarist and architect of Caustic Resin has been kicking holes in reality onstage with his new psychedelic doom group, The Brett Netson Band, for the last few months. And this week, that schizzle hit wax.

The Brett Netson Band's debut LP, Simple Work for the Dead, was released Tuesday, Nov. 22, and features a grip of songs and ideas Netson has been working on for years. Netson plays most of the instruments on the album himself.

Fellow hair-enthusiast Ozzy Osbourne is in the news this week because he and the other members of Black Sabbath announced that they will be making a new album together for the first time since 1978. The album will be produced by Rick Rubin and should be available in fall of 2012.

And finally, some upstart company called Google launched a music service this week. Google Music is making a play for the Apple iTunes Store's share of Don McLean's "American Pie."

Google Music will offer downloads, cloud storage of up to 20,000 songs and tie-ins to the Google + social-networking platform.