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Mozes and the Firstborn

Neurolux, Thursday, Jan. 31


On its just-released album Dadcore (Burger Records, 2019), garage pop band Mozes and the Firstborn takes a trip down memory lane, dabbling in what it calls "the paternal genre"—a musical style that could also be known as "that mixtape dad was always listening to in the garage." Clearly, dad music is universal, as Mozes and the Firstborn (which hails from Eindhoven, the Netherlands) has had no problem reaching the audience of its Fullerton, California-based record label with nostalgic tracks like "Sad Supermarket Song" and "Baldy." The first pairs melancholy chords with oddball lyrics ("I cannot help but feel a tremor / When I buy oatmeal at the store / Because the radio is jammin' / I feel the pain and buy some corn") while the second is a harmonica-rich ramble that recalls Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wildside." Catch Mozes and the Firstborns far from home at Neurolux on Thursday, Jan. 31.

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