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Movies for a Cause: The Princess Bride

Wedneday, Aug. 24 at the Idaho Botanical Garden


The "hundredth monkey effect" was a theory about shared consciousness that posited once a certain threshold percentage of a population learns a behavior or idea, the remaining percentage becomes aware of it without having to learn it directly.

It was popularized in the non-fiction of the 1970s and gained new legs from New Agers trying to push pseudo-scientific theories of collective consciousness.

Though the phenomenon has been long-debunked scientifically, it often re-emerges culturally. People may not have seen or read Moby Dick, but they understand references to it and can identify quotes.

The Princess Bride is another example. It's eminently quotable, with memorable catchphrases ("As you wiiiiiiiiiish") from nearly all of its characters and a plot that stands strong more than 20 years after its release.

The film--ranked No. 46 on Bravo's list of the top comedy films and in the Top 100 of the American Film Institute's love stories--deserves to be seen.

This week you can do just that with an outdoor screening under the stars at Idaho Botanical Garden as part of the Movies for a Cause series.

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