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Movie Madness: The Best of 2013

A bracket-busting look at the year in film


The most talked-about (and quite often the most controversial) sports competition of the calendar year is the NCAA basketball tournament--better known as March Madness.

So in my own bit of insanity, each year, I attempt to morph "bracketology" with my other grand passion: movies.

After watching hundreds of movies each year, I pick 32, narrow those down to a sweet 16, an elite eight and lastly, a final four that I would recommend to anybody on the planet.

While difficult, I did manage to choose my favorite four (in alphabetical order): 12 Years a Slave, American Hustle, Frozen and Gravity.

Some of the superb films I've been privileged to see in the past 12 months still haven't made their way to Boise, but don't miss them when they do: Her, One Chance, The Railway Man, The Square and The Wind Rises.

Have a safe and warm new year, and I'll see you at the movies.