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Movie Madness 2018: A Bracket-Busting Look at a Year of Movies

Truth be told, it was a particularly challenging task to winnow the list to the Sweet 17, Elite Eight, Final Four and the Top Two films.


About a decade ago, I decided to mash-up my passionate but wildly different loves for movies and the NCAA basketball tournament. What resulted was something I call "Movie Madness," a March Madness-like bracket of the best films of the year.

Truth be told, putting together this year's list was particularly challenging. The year in movies started uncharacteristically strong with A Quiet Place and Black Panther. This past summer gave us a trio of fabulous documentaries: RBG, Three Identical Strangers and Won't You Be My Neighbor?. And 2018 ended with a fabulous flourish of Oscar contenders. It was a bit of a chore to choose only 32 films to start this year's bracket off. Winnowing those down to the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight was even more daunting. But here they all are.

Ultimately, my Final Four of 2018 are A Star is Born, Green Book, Mary Poppins Returns and Won't You Be My Neighbor?.

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