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Mousy Brown, Nov. 11, Neurolux


The stalwarts who wandered in out of the wet weather on Wednesday night, caught a show at Neurolux that included a set by Boise band Mousy Brown.

The five piece hasn't been around long, but they've covered some territory in a short time, running a tight ship writing and recording music and playing a string of shows across the Boise area. Despite the busy schedule, the band hasn't lost their sense of humor, taking the stage Wednesday sporting, among other attire, a Christmas sweater and an oversized-glasses/mustache combo.

Mousy Brown has a knack for writing songs that can, in an instant, switch from melancholy to all-out frenzied rock, keeping a heavy emphasis on rhythmic unity and lacing it all with keyboards and synth. The band covered material from last summer's Basement Disco Lights EP, delivering a high-voltage performance that saw guitarist Joziah Curry strumming the occasional jazz riff on his Stratocaster and drummer Ben Clingan wielding mallets in a cymbal crescendo.

This spring, Mousy Brown has their sights set on hitting the road this spring road, but till then you can catch them actively playing more local shows.