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Mountain Home Students Continue 'Black Lives Matter' Parking Lot Protest


Students at Mountain Home High School continued their parking lot protest Wednesday morning. - SHYLYNN ROSE ALLEN, FACEBOOK
Students at Mountain Home High School resumed their sit-in at the school's parking lot before sunrise Wednesday, once again huddled around a parking space bearing the image of a black woman along with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. 

The image was the subject of a packed meeting Tuesday evening, where Mountain Home School District Superintendent James Gilbert insisted officials wanted the image removed because "rules are rules," adding there were "other appropriate locations" for such an visual demonstration.

Dozens of students aren't buying that explanation and continued what they called a "silent protest." 

The image sprang from a fundraiser for the high school's homecoming dance, in which students were told they could "buy" a parking spot for $45. But the "Black Lives Matter" image went viral, prompting the district to announce all paintings in the parking lot would be power-washed.

Gilbert released the following statement to the media:

"The controversy surrounding the Mountain Home High School parking lot has been inaccurately portrayed by the media and on social media. The issue has absolutely nothing to do with the content in the student murals. To my knowledge mural painting on parking lot surfaces by students has never been allowed in the Mountain Home School District. With good intentions the building principal gave the students permission to paint parking spots if they participated in a fundraiser. This is the type of project that must be approved at the district level. Had this request come through the proper channels it would have been denied. The district does not allow students to paint parking lots with murals, just as we wouldn’t allow students to paint lockers or desks. I want to be clear that the students have done absolutely nothing wrong and I support their right to protest and take civic responsibility regarding social issues that impact their lives."
Meanwhile, at least a few dozen students are risking some form of punishment for skipping classes while they resume their parking lot st-in. One of the students' relatives posted photos of the gathering on Facebook, saying the demonstration was "a beautiful protest and an amazing cause."