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Mountain Express: Security Complaints at Sun Valley Airport


Friedman Memorial Airport
  • Friedman Memorial Airport
Hailey's Friedman Memorial Airport, one of the smaller commercial airports in the region, has had a long-time reputation moving travelers in and out of the facility in quick succession because of its size. But this morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports there is an increasing number of irate passengers complaining about security delays, something that travelers in much larger airports know all-to-well.

The Mountain Express reports the issue has surfaced on a couple of occasions this summer, one in a letter from organizers of a large Sun Valley conference and another during a meeting of the Friedman Airport Authority board meeting earlier this month.

"I saw some very angry people waiting for their bags to be inspected at the end of the TSA line while other people passed by," Blaine County Commissioner Larry Schoen told the board."We all, I think, should have a dialogue about this."

Indeed a representative from SkyWest Airlines has even relayed concerns about "some passengers in Sun Valley who have missed flights due to a lengthy security process," according to the Mountain Express.

But a spokesman from TSA is pushing back hard against the complaints, saying he "guarantee(d) that it didn't happen, because I would have been told about it and I would have had to make a report to Washington."

That said, the TSA official conceded that there were "bottlenecks when too many passengers show up at once."