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Motley Crue Takes Poison To Attract New York Dolls

Saturday, Aug. 13, Idaho Center


Vintage stores are full of items that are desirable because of their age. When talking about a band that has been around for ages, the words "classic" and "iconic" usually get tossed in. But in the case of Motley Crue, Poison and The New York Dolls, vintage is a more apt descriptor.

Some of the biggest news buzzing around this summer concert tour is Crue drummer Tommy Lee's rollercoaster drumkit. The stick man's high energy is matched by a setup that takes him 360 degrees like a Matchbox car on a track.

Bret Michaels performed at the inaugural Boise Music Festival last year and the New York Dolls played The Knitting Factory a couple of years ago, but to see all three of these bands together is a rare opportunity. It's vintage at its best.

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