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Mother, May I Rip Off Corporate America?


A mother and daughter found a new way to spend time together. Unfortunately, it may lead to them doing time together (rimshot).

Sandra Kay Hudson, 52, and Judy Marie Pollard, 32, both of Boise, were arrested last week and charged with grand theft, petit theft and burglary for their suspected involvement in a shoplifting scheme that may have cost local businesses upwards of $10,000. Officers say the pair stole DVD movies and video games from big box stores, then sold them back to the same stores. According to a department release, officers have assembled enough evidence in recent weeks to connect the pair to 45 cases of theft.

Apparently, local cops are cracking down on habitual shoplifters. They've even assigned an officer specifically to the task of tracking down local retail thieves. But don't worry, BW readers, the sting isn't directed at people who actually buy DVDs or CDs, copy them onto their laptop and then return them for store credit. You're still safe on that front.