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Mostly Muff has "The Stones" to Play its Annual Live Show

Saturday, Feb. 16 at Visual Arts Collective


For years, Boise's mostly female supergroup, Mostly Muff, has banded together for benefits. In the past, the band covered hair metal and rock. This year it will cover only one band, which won't be announced until the show.

Mostly Muff is Lisa Simpson of Finn Riggins, Ivy Meissner of Le Fleur and Dark Swallows, Gia Trotter of Larkspur, Tristan Trotter on drums and VAC owner Samuel Stimpert on tambourine (hence the "Mostly" in the band's name).

Proceeds benefit Boise Bully Breed Rescue, which promotes responsible pet ownership and advocates against breed-specific legislation and dog fighting.

Openers include '80s all-male cover band Hairless Whisker, Dirty Moogs and DJ Doug Martsch. Attendees may dress up as their favorite artist or bring friends and dress up as a band for prizes.