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Moses Guest: Best Laid Plans


Moses Guest, with front man Graham Guest, is a solid southern-rock group with some jazz, some jelly and some jam. It was proven to me that they have some jam at their performance at Alive After Five this summer. It reminded me of a Phish or Widespread Panic show. They had tight grooves, then let the music take them from there.

The album starts off with a classic southern-rock groove with b3 organ and laid-back lyrics about life on the road. Many tracks feature keyboardist Rick Thompson, such as "Colorado," in which he kicks it off with a nice blues piano intro, only to switch to a Phish, "You Enjoy Myself" kind of groove, to a Herbie Hancock-esque clavinet vibe. Thompson—with the rhythm section in fine form behind him—also steps up to the plate on some straight-ahead swing on "Burnin' Around the Sun."

Guest takes care of most the songwriting and all the lead vocals, but also has his share of epic guitar. On tracks "Shine" and "Wheel," he soars on the strings and left me wanting more. At the beginning of "Wheel," he shows tasteful agility before he really rips into it. Yes, this is the third Phish reference (I just think they define the general sound of modern jam), but it does sound like Trey Anastasio. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Best Laid Plans is great dancin', chillin' and drivin' music. It's easy to listen to and has a great southern-rock vibe: On "Wheel," Guest sings, "So put your guns down / And take a look around today / So I bring my voice down / And take a look around today."