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Credit David Blumenfeld for being pragmatic about prison. Rather than going through all the trouble of getting out of the joint, getting his hopes up about his future and then just getting arrested again--see: the above article about Brian Spaude--Blumenfeld made a simple request to U.S. District Judge Lynn Winmill: "Please keep me in prison longer."

Blumenfeld was stopped by police on Sept. 26, 2006, because of a canceled vehicle registration and an outstanding felony warrant. A Taurus 9mm semi-automatic pistol, ammunition and a small amount of methamphetamine were found in his car. The federal sentencing guideline for the crime of being a felon in possession of a firearm is actually less than the 36-month sentence Blumenfeld requested. So why'd he do it? He has to be in the clink for at least four years to be allowed into the 500-hour drug rehab program offered by the Bureau of Prisons.