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More On The Green-God Thing

PBS focuses on Vineyard with catchy headline


Memo to Bill Moyers at PBS: You're welcome. Almost one year ago, BW featured a story about the Vineyard Church and their pastor, Tri Robinson (BW, "Is God Green?" 12/21/2006) who was busting stereotypes about Christians and environmentalists by uniting them in his church.

Not long after, writer Jill Kuraitis got a call from PBS, who wanted more information about the Vineyard folks. Last week we witnessed the fruits of their labors: a full-on special hosted by Moyers, with a catchy title: "Is God Green?"

Shoot, thought we'd answered that one already. We loved best the interview with Idaho Statesman scribe Rocky Barker: "The Boise Weekly, which is this kind of liberal, alternative weekly, did the first story on it, and everybody was like, 'Oh my god, who are these people?'"

Now we know: They're public television stars. The PBS show, which features interviews with, among others, local conservative activist and erstwhile candidate Dennis Mansfield talking about the benefits of the Vineyard's mission, aired in the Treasure Valley last weekend.