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Mark your calendar and be sure to vote on Tuesday, September 7. That's when the Boise School District holds an election for two seats on the Boise School Board.

Any resident of the Boise School District who is 18 years of age or older, who has lived within the district for 30 days and is a registered voter may vote in the election.

Polling locations are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, September 7. For a list of polling places or more information on the election, go to or call 287-6861.


• Bea Black

Occupation: Accountant, CFO for Krick, Inc., owners of Bittercreek Alehouse, Falcon Tavern, Red Feather Lounge and Reef restaurants.

"I consider my 12 years of service on the Board an honor and a privilege. I have learned a great deal and believe I have contributed to the progressive attitude which permeates the district ... We have difficult decisions to make in the next few years as the District deals with declining enrollment and declining financial support from the state."

Incumbent, running for third term.

• Jill Haunold

Occupation: Co-owner, Idaho Mountain Touring; Adjunct Professor, Albertson College of Idaho

"I am dedicated to our young people and to listening and making a contribution to promote healthy schools, which in turn will help to make for healthy children, teachers, families and community. What happens in our schools daily touches each one of us because who our young people are yesterday, today and tomorrow will determine the strength of who we are together as a community."

• Jonathon Howard

Occupation: Teaching assistant, Centennial High School

"Challenges for the district include the decline in school district population, the No Child Left Behind federal legislation, and the Idaho Standards Achievement Test."

• Rory Jones

Occupation: Founding partner in the law firm of Jones, Gledhill and Eiden, P.A.

"Boise schools face many challenges: inadequate funding from the state legislature; competing agendas in the offices of state government, the State Board of Education and multiple education stakeholders; misguided attacks on public education from self-interested agenda pursuers; unfunded mandates such as No Child Left Behind and other, similar programs, which burden the system without paying for it; and a shrinking student population as more people move to Boise's outlying areas."

Incumbent, running for fourth term.

• Chuck Seldon

Occupation: Retired from 30 years in public and private education. He is also running for the Idaho Senate as a Republican for District 19.

"I think they (school district) need to do a 180 ... [I] want to see a return to teaching standards, ethics and morals in the classroom ... the Bible needs to be returned to public schools, at least in the library."

• Ted Williamson

Occupation: U.S. Postal Service, 18 years, U.S. Naval Reserves, 24 years

"The academic quality of the Boise School District is on a very high level. I intend to maintain this quality especially in times of limited budgets and increased demands placed upon every dollar allotted to the school district. Residents of the Boise School District deserve to have every dollar placed in the proper program, which will deliver a quality return on the investment. Being fiscally responsible is the only allowable way to operate in these times." :

A public forum with the candidates takes place Wednesday, Aug. 31, 6:30 p.m. at the Boise School District Services Center, 8169 Victory Road.

For more information on the candidates, go to