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Moor-Der on Main Street


"Vampiric hipster" is the aura loudly bouncing in the narrow space between one black wall and the brick wall opposite, ricocheting from the tops of shiny plain wooden tables and slick retro plastic black chairs. An entire red light district contained within the long and narrow space of the Red Room (which none in our group can help themselves from saying in a restrained cackle reminiscent of The Shining) gives way to a tiny green bathroom that may be the grossest in town, but the torrent of raw punk from the stereo trumps the toilet so far as our collective vote goes—which for the record was a unanimous half-dozen proclaiming the Red Room as the most kick-ass new hangout we've been treated to in downtown for some time.

We order beer in a can ($3.50 for a Guinness), as it's the only option other than a modest collection of the hard stuff, before sweet-talking Switchhitter guitarist and super-tender Hoss into a round of his pound cake shots. While making a list of the things we love about the place—a TV dedicated to Atari, beer in a can, the itsy bitsy bar, the bouncer/busser (who answered all our badgering questions as well as kept the tables free from the evidence of heavy drinking), the prayer candles lit on each table—we offer a little prayer of our own thanking the gods for planting a hangout at the other end of Main Street where the tattooed feel welcome, but one where the lights are a little dimmer, the barstaff is much friendlier and the music isn't subject to the whims of a juke box junkie.

The Red Room, 603 Main St., 343-7034.