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Monotonix, Sept. 22, VAC


Anyone who caught the hairy, gym-shorts-and-tube-socks-clad Israeli band Monotonix opening for the Silver Jews at the Neurolux last fall will be psyched to hear they're coming back. Anyone who had their drink stolen, got kicked in the face or got schooled in free jazz at that same show will also be psyched to hear the raucous band is playing the much larger Visual Arts Collective.

Monotonix congealed in 2005 with Ami Shalev on vox, Yonatan Gat on guitar and Haggai Fershtman on drums. Soon enough, word spread of the trio's wild live shows--climbing on rafters, flinging booze and setting things on fire--and they were banned from a number of clubs in their hometown of Tel Aviv, Israel. Since then, the boys have toured extensively in the States on their 2007 EP, Body Language, and are now heading back to Boise to create some chaos after the recent release of their first full-length, Where Were You When It Happened?

In "Set Me Free," a distortiony hair metal track off the new album, lead singer Shalev scream-croaks repeatedly in a thick Israeli accent to "set me free." Those who catch Monotonix at VAC will find out exactly how free Shalev dares to get. Word to the wise: Those offended by sweaty man ass might want to cower in the corner.

With Scarf and Angels of the Dust, Tuesday, Sept. 22, $10 adv., $12 door, Visual Arts Collective, 3638 Osage St., Garden City, 208-424-8297,