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Mommy Dearest, Entrapper Extraordinaire


Mommy Dearest, Entrapper Extraordinaire

All "greater good" arguments aside, we thought it was creepy when Boise Police officers posed as a 14-year-old girl for a two-month Internet sex romp with Mormon Deacon Clayton Hildreth, then arrested him for believing them enough to show up in a parking lot with three condoms and a digital camera. But that episode sounds downright normal compared to a sting put on in Iowa last week.

The madness began when the 14-year-old daughter of Jill Mentzer of Garner, Iowa, forgot to log out of her chat room screen name before bed. Mentzer, sensing a ripe opportunity for snooping, impersonated her daughter in the chat room just long enough to have a hot conversation with 36-year-old Richard Johanson of New Jersey.

Mentzer must have been rather... believable, as Johanson saw fit to make a date with her and drive all the way from the eastern seaboard to Des Moines to meet with what he imagined to be his dream-teen. In the meantime, Mentzer contacted her local sheriff, who sent the actual teen-nice work, boys-to meet Johanson in what was described as "a public place" (we can only imagine the awkward conversation where the mother proposed the meeting to the daughter). At the aforementioned public place, Johanson attempted to coerce the girl into running away with him, but he ended up fleeing the scene. He was arrested and charged with attempted third-degree sexual abuse and enticement, punishable by up to 12 years in prison.