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Mod Pizza Opens Near Trader Joe's in Boise


For years, the unimproved unit just south of the Trader Joe's on Capitol Boulevard was nothing more than a field of loose stones, but on Oct. 28, Mod Pizza swung open its doors. Like Proto's years before, it may be the next big thing in Boise pizza, marrying simplicity, flavor and low prices.

The promise of Mod Pizza isn't yet immediately apparent. Tables bolted to the concrete floor and employee calling out the names of patrons to pick up their 11-inch pizzas feel like institutional notes, and by the end of the fast food-style line corral that ends at the register, people might be suspicious of the final product. They shouldn't.

The Mod, with pepperoni, ground beef and mild sausage - HARRISON BERRY
  • Harrison Berry
  • The Mod, with pepperoni, ground beef and mild sausage
The Mod ($7.97) is the equivalent of the meat-lovers, with porky-beefy toppings on a thin crust. The crust itself is crispy on the bottom and pliable just under the thin-but-zesty tomato sauce, and the toppings were satisfyingly salty and flavorful.

The Dillon James (also $7.97) featured notably fresh basil and tomato slices, and the sauce, spread over very fresh dough, had plenty of tang.

The unexpected delight was dessert—The Mod's take on the Hostess cupcake (under $2.50), which will surprise anyone with its moisture and strong, nuanced chocolate flavors.

The bones of a downtown pizza hotspot are in place, and come spring, people will want to take their pies outside to the spacious patio, which the restaurant has somehow buffered from the nearby chaos of the Trader Joe's parking lot. By then, if not sooner, Boise may fall for Mod Pizza.