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Mmm ... Spam


Boise Police Detectives are warning local e-mail users to beware of an e-mail scam. Apparently, a local rube fell prey to the (relatively) old "Nigerian" scam, wherein scammers agree to pay someone who answers their mass e-mail for the seemingly minor task of cashing some travelers checks. The victim, as the story goes, cashes the phony check and wires all but their small fee to a hard-luck diplomat in a third-world country. Then the bank realizes the checks were phony and the victim is held liable for the entire amount, which can run in the thousands of dollars. Tsk, tsk, Boiseans. At BW, we receive that e-mail (or one similar to it) about five times a day. Next time, let your kids give you a tutorial on the proper way to screen the contents of your inbox.