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Mixed Results in Idaho School Levy Votes


After two previous unsuccessful attempts, voters in the north-central Idaho community of Troy said "yes" to a supplemental levy Aug. 25, restoring some services to the local school district.

Troy school officials had postponed the beginning of the school year until the second week of September due to its shaky fiscal situation. This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports that nearly 73 percent of Troy voters approved the $995,000 levy.

Meanwhile, voters in nearby Kamiah rejected a $325,000 levy that school officials said was necessary to fill vacant positions and improve technology.

In the Canyon County community of Middleton, voters approved a two-year $2.6 million supplemental levy and, in Elmore County, voters in the Mountain Home School District approved a $5 million levy that officials said was necessary for roof repairs at two schools.

Finally, in the Gooding County community of Wendell, voters were split on two separate funding measures. A 20-year, $1.6 million bond initiative failed to gained a super-majority to pass, but voters approved a $250,000 plant facilities levy for school building maintenance.