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Mitt Romney Accused of Being 'Suspiciously Brown' for Univision Interview

Romney is being accused of 'dying his face brown' to appeal to Latino voters.


Mitt Romney is struggling to connect with Latino voters. Poll numbers put Hispanic support for the Republican challenger at about 30 percent while Obama enjoys roughly 65 percent.

So what's a guy to do?

It's been pointed out that Romney was suspiciously brown for his Wednesday night interview with Latino TV station Univision and the accusations are flying that he purposefully "dyed his face brown" to appeal more to Hispanics.

Left-wing blog Democratic Underground posted a side-by-side comparison of Romney's usual color with the shockingly orange-brown glow he debuted Wednesday.

It does appear that Romney has been taking tips from Tanning Mom.

Wonkette wonders if perhaps the GOP nominee was the victim of some sort of "self-tanner “accident” or "went out tanning with John Boehner for a little pick-me-up."

The bronzer might just be another tool in Romney's efforts to appeal to Hispanic voters. He's in the midst of a strong push for the Hispanic vote that Republican strategist Ana Navarro calls "Latino-Palooza".

Just this week, Romney is spending lots of cash on Spanish TV ads, hauling out his Spanish-speaking son Craig, appearing on Telemundo, participating in a Univision Candidate Forum and spoke to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

And with Gawker noting that Romney was also caught on a hidden camera saying "it would be helpful to be Latino", being a little bit brown couldn't hurt.